About Angelus

Hello to all my fans and readers,
My name is Angelus Mykeal Xayne, I am a writer with a dream. I dream that all books and stories are written with a heart and soul. I write stories that may be a bit gruesome but they are from the heart. I have many story ideas in mind for the future. My first book, which will be coming out later in March of this year, is the first book I have ever attempted to write for publication. I hope my friends and family enjoy the hard work that has been put into this book and all future books. I plan to try to have one published per year if not sooner but each book no matter the subject matter will ways be dedicated to those you have you supported my choose to write.
I am a person who enjoys life and has many skills to go with that life. I hope that everyone can enjoy life and make the most of their life. I do this through stories. I hope to one-day show the world all my stories and how they have changed my life I love writing so this has become my way of expression.
I know many of you are probably wondering why my stories are so dark or have such controversial subject matter in them. Well the answer is simple some people are suffering with this kinds of subject matters and I believe in saying the truth not covering it up with flowery words and subjects. The truth of the world is that life is dark sometimes and we have to find ways to deal with that. That is what my books are all about.

I would like to thank you for the time it has taken you to read this message and look over my site.
May God smile on you and the Goddess bless you all your life.
Angelus Mykeal Xayne


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