Angelus’ Review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking

The new way to write.

The new way to write.

Hello, my name is Angelus. I am using Dragon to make my life easier. As a writer I don’t get time off due to injuries my hands or problems with typing. So in order to make their life a little easier when it comes to writing my novels I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This has increased my spelling capabilities as well as my typing speed. As a result, I have been able to write at 60 words per minute and maintained his speed for several minutes. Using Dragon has made my life so much easier that I am able to now create a novel that normally takes me several years to write in only a matter of weeks. You still have to train Dragon to allow you to master certain techniques and vehicles for it to understand how you speak and what words or terms you use.

Creating documents with Dragon has made a vast improvement on how quickly I create blogs how quickly I create web hosts or even how quickly I update my Facebook. As a result, I am able to be more efficient at marketing my novels and getting them ready for production and publication. Because I publish on a free website called Smashwords, which allows me to publish them for free, and I get a larger portion of royalties than if I went through a private publisher.

Thanks to Dragon NaturallySpeaking not only can I create better documents and novels but I kneel to do it at a faster speed. In fact, this entire post has been written using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. For those with carpal tunnel or arthritis in their hands, those who are paralyzed from the neck down or anyone else who has a physical limitation should use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This program is great for people with disabilities and it allows them to work in a way that they never thought possible. For example, secretaries who have developed arthritis in their shoulders hands or even in their knack or carpal tunnel can still complete their tasks required for the job using Dragon. Dragon NaturallySpeaking comes in several different levels of programming everything from home use to professional, legal, and even medical. This makes Dragon the most versatile and easy to use program out there anyone can use it.
It is my recommendation that is program is used by anyone who is in need of the help. This program makes working on project so much easier. When writing become more of a chore than a pleasure because of searing pain then it is time to start working on something completely new. So why not try out Dragon NaturallySpeaking Now. Good luck and many blessing to you all.


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